Appload™ #8 - Angry Birds, Charadium, Where To?, & MORE!!!

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Presenting: Tap Dat AppAppload #8

  • Angry Birds is a physics game where you launch birds with unique abilities at evil green pigs who stole their eggs. Not only is the art stunning, charming, and extremely well-done for this game (a lot like MUST.EAT.BIRDS.), the gameplay is highly addictive & immensely fun. Not to mention the fact that there is a giant overload of levels & content to keep challenging you and provide hours and hours of gameplay. - GET - **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal: $1.99**
  • Charadium is one of the best apps available on the app store, literally. With the Plus+ Network Enabled, it resembles classic pictionary games where you and other players online take turns drawing pictures based off given words and having the other players guess what word the person is drawing a picture of. For a concept so simple, this is game is so much fun, I've literally played it for 3 hours on end at a time. - GET for $.99
  • Where To? is an awesome app that helps you find cool places near you. Whether you're looking for an arcade, a movie theater, a restaurant, or something else, this app lists them all! The best part of this app is obviously the User Interface. It was designed geniusly with a wheel that includes different icons for the different types of attractions you might be looking for. As you press one, the button lights up a stunning blue and redirects you to an even more specific category list, which will then take you to a GPS-based interface marked with all the attractions you are looking for. This app is very useful for travel or if you just want to discover some place new near you! Special Thanks to the Devs, FutureTap, for providing us with a promo code to review the app. - GET for $2.99
  • SteamPunk Hockey is a really cool new take on Air Hockey designed with an elegant & fancy looking theme that makes the game a real treat to play. The game also adds a cool new element to the Air Hockey concept, which is obstacles! This makes SteamPunk Hockey basically an awesome combination of both Air Hockey & Pinball. - GET for FREE
  • Smosh iShutUp is an app designed by comedic geniuses and 3rd Most Subscribed to on YouTube of All Time: Smosh. The app was featured in one of their videos and was originally on available on the Android Market. It only does one thing: and that is to scream their catch-phrase/slogan "SHUT UP!" whenever you utter a sound into the mic but if you think about it, an app like that could really come in handy sometimes. If you are a fan of Smosh's videos: GET for $.99
  • Dark Nebula is a very unique game where you tilt your device to control a futuristic ball device and avoid laser-like obstacles and go through some cool courses. It's hard to explain, but really awesome when you play it. The look & feel of the game perfectly fits the gameplay and everything is just executed really well in general. - GET for $.99
  • Lavaball is a game where you control a burning ball of fire that must have its vengeance on the villagers of the land. The 3D graphics are awesome and in a way the game kinda reminds me of a better-looking Pocket God, but the tilt controls are horrible and the game is really hard to progress through because of this. That being said, the game still has potential, and might improve after a few updates or so. - FORGET for FREE

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Ngmoco:) OWNS Freeverse...LITERALLY

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Ngmoco:), creators of Eliminate, Touch Pets Dogs, the Rolando Series, & more have announced today that they recently acquired fellow app gaming company Freeverse, creators of Skee-Ball, Parachute Ninja, and more, for $25 million. That means Ngmoco:) has now invested $40.6 million into their company with these outside purchases, such as when they previously acquired Miraphonic, creators of Epic Pet Wars, in November of last year. Ngmoco:) has a lot in-store for the App Store, with upcoming life/town simulation games "GodFinger" & "WeRule", but what are they gonna do with Freeverse? Well it has been revealed that they will not be disturbing previous Freeverse games (other than adding Plus+ Network Support where needed) and they will also not mess with Freeverse's two upcoming planned games ("Warpgate" & "Zombie Cannon Carnage"), but future Freeverse games will now support the "freemium" or otherwise known as "free-to-play" model that Ngmoco:) recently took up with Eliminate & Touch Pets Dogs in order to profit off In-App Purchases instead of having their apps with a set price be massively pirated. Ngmoco:) says they will be releasing at least 20 new games this year, and expect Freeverse to release just as many. As a lot of us here at the TDA Team predicted very early on, it definitely seems like Ngmoco:) is becoming a big competitor on the App Store and is trying to totally dominant it in a way. What else is in store for Ngmoco:)'s Freeverse? What company will Ngmoco:) buy out next? Only time will tell...

*UPDATED*: Neil Young, the CEO of Ngmoco:) has now stated that they have also acquired the $.99 Plus+ Network Enabled Pictionary-Based Game "Charadium" by On5 and that they will be moving this game too to a "fremium" model. Charadium is honestly one of the most intuitive and fun games for the iPhone I've personally ever played, I don't think it needs an Update...Ever as it is practically PERFECT. And with Ngmoco:) changing it to a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, I can't imagine the gameplay experience being half as good anymore. This is actually very disappointing....But what will the actual changes to the game include? We will have to wait and see...

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Namco Bandai's "NOBY NOBY BOY" for iPhone - Exclusive In-Depth Review

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"NOBY NOBY BOY" is a game, originally on the PlayStation 3 Console (and much different from the iPhone version), from Keita Takahashi, the creator of the Katamari Damacy series, where you control and play around with a worm-like stretchy character referred to as "BOY". But unlike the PS3 version of Noby Noby Boy, the iPhone OS Version is not in 3D and is not an open world experience. Instead, you are given multiple tools in what appears to be some type of "toy box" that simulates an iPhone Springboard (Home Screen) like Experience except with your friend BOY hanging around all the time. The app takes advantage of the multiple features of the iPhone (isn't half as fun on an iTouch) to provide fun-like situations that help you manipulate your usage and boredom-filling time with BOY.

Noby Noby Boy for iPhone is really hard to judge. The only fair statement you can give about it is that "It's Weird" and that goes without question, but good weird? or bad weird?

Well I've played Noby Noby Boy for PS3 which is essentially more of a cool concept idea than an actual game, but it is definitely different and definitely weird. There are things I like about it, and other things that I don't. But overall, it's pretty interesting to say the least.

Noby Noby Boy for iPhone is also..."interesting". But it doesn't stay interesting for the amount of time the PS3 title does. And although it is not as frustrating as Noby Noby Boy for PS3 originally is, it feels very useless. Which would be fine...if it was constantly fun. The problem is even if you love the crazy concepts of Noby Noby Boy, the graphics are boring 2D and the features just simulate an iPhone springboard to act as a really strange toy box for some wacked up stuff. At first, some of these things can actually be cool to explore and play around with, like in Noby Noby Boy for PS3, but it gets very boring very fast and you realize it isn't an app you will play when you are bored, because it will only make you even more bored.

Considering how different & unique the app's concept is, it definitely peaks interest in people at first and is interesting to explore, but once you see all of what it can do, that's about it and you probably won't touch the app too many more times other than to show people "this crazy/cool app you got". Honestly, it would be a lot more enjoyable if it was 3D and more like the PS3 version. And to even appreciate it from the beginning, you really have to be open-minded and understand the quirkiness of this series. So unfortunately, for the general public, I'd have to say you should probably pass this app, but for
$1.99, we'll label it: Take A BET OR DON'T

3 STARS ☆☆☆

Appload™ #7 - Riddim Ribbon, Hook Champ, Alley Gator, & MORE!!!

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Presenting: Tap Dat App™ Appload™ #7

  • Riddim Ribbon is the long anticipated new release from Tapulous, creators of the extremely popular Tap Tap Revenge series. The game combines flashy colors, intense speed racing, and a concept similar to that of DJ Hero for a unique & fun experience. Although probably inspired by the computer game Audio Surf, Riddim Ribbon is actually quite a bit different and totally blows the TTR games out of the water as this is a lot more interactive. The controls are a little hard at first, but they aren't that hard to get used to...Also, the game actually only comes with 3 free songs (all by the Black Eyed Peas) as of right now, with 3 more songs (by other artists) available as In-App Purchases for $.99 each. While this may seem like a shortage of content for a game that costs $2.99, it's still definitely worth your money as it obviously has tons of potential and will be updated frequently in the future...GET
  • Hook Champ is an awesome 8-bit styled game that is so fun, you won't even care that the game avoids taking advantage of good graphics on the iPhone. Like Indiana Jones, you swing with a grappling hook in many different environments, trying to get your way out alive and with the treasure/idol. This game will have you coming back for more and more until you beat the whole thing, it's insanely addicting and simply one of the best games currently available on the iDevice platform. - GET for $2.99
  • Alley Gator, Glu Mobile's latest game, is a unique & fun game where you control an alligator trying to get out of the sewer! You tilt your iDevice to spin the alligator through the sewer pipes and avoid obstacles. This is one of the most creative games I've seen for the iDevice and it is also just generally really pleasing to look at with it's colorful 3D graphics. It will provide hours of fun with levels that will keep you playing just so that you can say you beat them all! - GET for $.99
  • Glow Hockey is an app that describes itself in the name. This version of Air Hockey runs perfectly and with Single Player, 2 Player, and Championship Modes, it's a lot of fun! Simple yet cool with it's glow-in-the-dark colors & overall design that was probably inspired from the Glow Hockey mini-game playable on Wii Play. - GET for $.99
  • iBlast Moki is another awesome app where you set up bombs to explode at the touch of a button, positioned to thrust your Moki characters forward, eventually leading to the End of Level portal. The game is totally unique, fun, and challenging! Plus there is an Online Create & Share Level Mode for extra fun! - GET for **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal: $2.99**
  • Guerrilla Bob is a really cool looking game that fails to actually be fun. You control a rebel and shoot people down with controls similar to Minigore and with 3D graphics. The graphic look & feel of this game is great...but the gameplay isn't. The game is for one: EXTREMELY CHALLENGING, HARD, & PRACTICALLY UNBEATABLE - When you die, no progress is saved and it really is "Game Over", you have to start back at the very first level. A lot of pre-release hype was built up around this game only to be disappoint people with a huge let down...FORGET for $2.99
  • Hot Dog Down a Hallway is a funny game that has basically the same gameplay aspects of Kitten Cannon (Original) but well...with a hot dog, that you throw down a hallway...LOL. The graphics are charming and it's simple & fun, Oh and not to mention: FREE - GET
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