Namco Bandai's "NOBY NOBY BOY" for iPhone - Exclusive In-Depth Review

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"NOBY NOBY BOY" is a game, originally on the PlayStation 3 Console (and much different from the iPhone version), from Keita Takahashi, the creator of the Katamari Damacy series, where you control and play around with a worm-like stretchy character referred to as "BOY". But unlike the PS3 version of Noby Noby Boy, the iPhone OS Version is not in 3D and is not an open world experience. Instead, you are given multiple tools in what appears to be some type of "toy box" that simulates an iPhone Springboard (Home Screen) like Experience except with your friend BOY hanging around all the time. The app takes advantage of the multiple features of the iPhone (isn't half as fun on an iTouch) to provide fun-like situations that help you manipulate your usage and boredom-filling time with BOY.

Noby Noby Boy for iPhone is really hard to judge. The only fair statement you can give about it is that "It's Weird" and that goes without question, but good weird? or bad weird?

Well I've played Noby Noby Boy for PS3 which is essentially more of a cool concept idea than an actual game, but it is definitely different and definitely weird. There are things I like about it, and other things that I don't. But overall, it's pretty interesting to say the least.

Noby Noby Boy for iPhone is also..."interesting". But it doesn't stay interesting for the amount of time the PS3 title does. And although it is not as frustrating as Noby Noby Boy for PS3 originally is, it feels very useless. Which would be fine...if it was constantly fun. The problem is even if you love the crazy concepts of Noby Noby Boy, the graphics are boring 2D and the features just simulate an iPhone springboard to act as a really strange toy box for some wacked up stuff. At first, some of these things can actually be cool to explore and play around with, like in Noby Noby Boy for PS3, but it gets very boring very fast and you realize it isn't an app you will play when you are bored, because it will only make you even more bored.

Considering how different & unique the app's concept is, it definitely peaks interest in people at first and is interesting to explore, but once you see all of what it can do, that's about it and you probably won't touch the app too many more times other than to show people "this crazy/cool app you got". Honestly, it would be a lot more enjoyable if it was 3D and more like the PS3 version. And to even appreciate it from the beginning, you really have to be open-minded and understand the quirkiness of this series. So unfortunately, for the general public, I'd have to say you should probably pass this app, but for
$1.99, we'll label it: Take A BET OR DON'T

3 STARS ☆☆☆

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