Ngmoco's "Eliminate" & "Touch Pets Dogs" - EXCLUSIVE PRE-GLOBAL RELEASE LOOK

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Last night, both of Ngmoco's highly-anticipated titles were approved and released exclusively in Canada for server testing before an official global launch takes place. These games include an exciting and innovative FPS (First Person Shooter) "Eliminate" and a revolutionary new Pet Simulator "Touch Pets Dogs". The Tap Dat App Team™ made sure we were the first to get a hands-on experience with these two games before they spread worldwide.


After being stuck in Apple's slow approval process for about 3 weeks, Eliminate has finally been approved! And it's FREE! Hoo-ray! And it really is something to get excited for. Being one of the first major online-enabled and FREE FPSes for the iPhone/iTouch, Eliminate seems to be the beginning of a brand new way to game on the iDevices while bringing a slightly familiar Halo-like essence to the App Store . Once we finally got to sit down and try it, we came to a unanimous conclusion that the game really is something special. The controls are pretty fantastic: You've got joystick like controls that help you move practically anywhere you want. Unfortunately, a couple things like tapping in the middle to zoom can get in the way, but no worries since features like these can be turned off in the options menu. Running on a 3G, the phone didn't seem like it could keep up with the game at certain points, but this too was fixed after we adjusted the Look Sensitivity Bar. You play when you have energy to earn credits which can be used to purchase upgraded armor, weapons, and miscellaneous abilities. If you run out of energy, you can either wait a couple hours to get some more and continue to play without earning credits, or purchase In-App DLC energy canisters for only $.99 - The app truly has a good sense of hardcore gameplay built-in with literally years of re-play value since every 4 player deathmatch will always be different from the last one...Plays exceptionally well over all internet connections like WiFi, 3G, or Edge - Offline practice mode also included.



Since word first got out in February of this year, tons of hype has surrounded Ngmoco's "Touch Pets Dogs" as mentioned as far back as July of this Summer in our own blog. So now we finally got to sit down and take this charming Nintendogs resembling game for a spin! The fact that it is free is amazing. This app is of very high-quality and once you play it, it becomes obvious that much time & effort was put into the game's development. It's a great family-friendly game and provides a lot of simple & casual fun while still having some real in-depth features. The full game is FREE but your pet needs food so that it can have enough energy to play with you etc. You can wait every half an hour to receive more food bowls (if you even need some...) or you can buy one of the few other versions of Touch Pets Dogs available that are exactly the same as the free version but just come with more pet food from the start. In TP: D, you can unlock lots of cool clothes and toys for your pet, pick a dog out of several breeds, colors, personalities, and genders, get your dog a career/job, teach it tricks, host online playdates with friends' dogs on your Plus+ list, and sooo much more.



This has been an Exclusive Pre-Global Release Look at Ngmoco's "Eliminate" & "Touch Pets Dogs" only on iPhone/iTouch by The Tap Dat App Team™.

Appload™ #4 - Catcha Mouse 3, Ynth, Hi How Are You, & MORE!!!

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Hola! How's everyone been? If you've had a rough week or so, don't worry because we have just the thing to cheer you up! What's that? - It's a list of really cool apps that you should totally get! Ladies & Gentlemen...Appload #4!

  • Catcha Mouse 3 is the latest installment in odaSoft's hit puzzle/maze series. The main objective of the games is to block the mouse from escaping into holes by blocking them with mouse traps before he can reach the holes. In the third one, Catcha Mouse takes on a "space odyssey" theme where you explore different planets which include unique environmental looks. Catcha Mouse 3 also has a few new features like a time limit, & cheese up/downgrades. This app is purely enjoyable for all ages and well worth the $.99 - GET
  • Ynth is another really clever puzzle game where you control a ladybug-looking creature named Kribl. Kribl is trapped in labyrinth blocks and needs your help to get him out! You work your way around the maze box structures to push and tilt forward connecting to more blocks and eventually reaching the end-pathway. With over 60 original levels, this game is packed with some real mind-bogglers but non-the-less is a lot of fun. GET - **Current Sale: $1.99 - Normal: $2.99**
  • Hoodoo Voodoo is one of the most fun apps I've ever played because you simply get to type in someone's name along with the reason that you dislike them and then choose either a standard, male, or female voodoo doll to represent that person as you destroy them. As cruel as it sounds, it's actually quite hysterical with a variety of torture-weapons such as Knives and Hammers. At one point, the app even fakes a real iPhone-like call where the voodoo doll breaths heavily in pain. It's funny and a really good conversation starter. GET - **Current/Normal: $2.99 - Occasional Sale: $.99**
  • Faceoff is an app that had a lot of hype built-up before its actual release. Unlike most games that build-up a following before they come out, people unanimously agree that Faceoff did not live up to expectations. The game includes round ball characters with weapons trying to protect their land from an evil group of the same species. Although the plot and character design is definitely not original, the app still showed a lot of promise from its test videos. Unfortunately, the controls are literally so bad that you just can't play the game! Progressing in Faceoff is nearly impossible. The developers have stated that they will release an update with major fixes soon but about a month's time or so has already passed just waiting for the update...for $.99 FORGET - Until Update
  • Hi, How Are You is the "psycho religious Frogger-like platformer" inspired by the artwork and music of Daniel Johnston. If you do a little web-searching, you can discover that Daniel Johnston is 48, grey-haired, diagnosed as Bipolar, and uncontrollably shakes. He has lived a somewhat tragic life and it is easy to see why he sadly will never be accepted by mainstream music. But I have found something very special about this game which led me to really liking Johnston's music too. The game is very trippy & definitely original. Although it is pretty easy to play-through, more levels will be added soon. I like the concept of it and the entire game just kinda moves me spiritually. Johnston's low-fi music and simple lyrics still seem to shine despite those factors. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but the music is relaxing, and thought-provoking. While playing the game, I just felt like I could tap out of reality for a little while and think about life in general. Hope I'm not sounding crazy, but if you play the game for yourself you will know what I'm talking about. Despite buying the game on the one and only day that occurred between the two $.99 sales and the fact that I had no idea who Daniel Johnston was before this app came out, I still decided to purchase the game and I really really recommend you do too. GET - **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal: $2.99**
  • Critter Defense! by Mojito is an innovative tower defense game where you must protect your structures from deadly bug creatures and keep your towers out of harm's way. I'm not usually a big fan of these type of strategy games, but Critter Defense has an appealing charm to it and becomes very entertaining. We'd also like to personally thank the developers for providing us with a free promo code that we used in order to get the game and review it. GET - **Current Long Sale Period: $.99 - Normal: Unknown**
  • Paradise Monkeys by VETASOFT is a creative little game where you test out your reaction skills by quickly tapping on evil monkeys who are trying to steal your bananas! The game is FULL of features and upgrades along with graphics that remind me of those on the GBA (Gameboy Advance). In fact, the whole game itself actually makes me think of a GBA game. For the price, you get a complete game experience with health heart meters, score points, mini-games, multiple levels, and so much more. It's not my favorite type of game, but it definitely excels in its genre. Try the Free Lite version out to see if you like it first. And once again, we'd like to personally say thank you to the developers for the free voucher code they gave us to download and discuss the app. GET - $2.99
Hope you enjoyed the Appload!™ More blog posts are on the way, so check back constantly for more great stuff! Oh and be on the look out for our "First Annual App Awards" which will be hosted on a chat zone to be disclosed later. There will be awards, free promo code giveaways, meet & greet with developers, and a big announcement from The Tap Dat App Team™ and Dark Palooza Studios™ about the highly-anticipated iPhone/iTouch app title "U-Universe™". The categories and nominees will be announced on the blog soon!