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Hey everybody! We just wanted to let you know about some of the really cool things that will be coming to Tap Dat App™ very soon! So here's the load-down: 1. We've recently come in contact with Mr. Josh Michaels from Jetson Creative LLC. He has provided us with some free voucher codes to use in an upcoming giveaway! The promo-codes unlock the game "Ow My Balls!" for FREE!! As you may have noticed, we suddenly have been able to giveaway a lot of free app codes! We hope you appreciate the fact that we've been able to accomplish this and plan on continuing our constant giveaways, as we thank these app developers for all their support! =) 2. We will also be releasing a review for this app "Ow My Balls!" so be on the look-out! 3. As mentioned before, ngmoco, Inc.'s "Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid" is supposed to be released tomorrow, July 1st. If this is the truth, we will be purchasing it immediately and releasing a review for it soon as well. 4. More info. on ngmoco's other upcoming game, "Touch Pets: Dogs", which is actually building up a lot of hype. Well that's all for now! But once again we thank you for taking time to read our blog and continue to act as an active member of our community! :) And with all these awesome additions coming up, we're sure you will want to Stay Tuned for MORE!

On the Oche Darts - 4 Stars *READ BELOW for FREE COPY!*

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The next app to be reviewed is John Tear’s “On the Oche Darts” - Check It Out:

On the Oche Darts was developed by John Tear & MarraBoy.com (coming soon) for the iPhone and iTouch. This game is an intuitive twist on the classic game of darts. Using a unique and fun set of controls, you are able to throw darts at a board against a computer opponent. You start out with 501 points and the objective of the game is to get to 0. The first player that does WINS! The game’s graphics are also very appealing and stylish, making the game fun and enjoyable to play. We also really got a kick out of the entertaining and joyful music that plays in the background on the title menu. My ONLY complaint is the lack of multiplayer support, for even a 2-player mode for people on the SAME iPhone would be fine! But again, no such multiplayer options can currently be found. Besides this one point, the game is a whole bunch of fun and for some quick $.99 fun, I definitely recommend On the Oche Darts – 4 Stars ☆☆☆

- Also, Mr. Tear wanted me to add that an update for this game with some cool new features has just been submitted to Apple and is now awaiting approval. When it is released, we will be sure to update this review to fit the new criteria! =)

To download On the Oche Darts, just click right HERE!

XX(or read the post below this one to find out how to get a copy of this game for FREE!!!)XX

-Sorry all out of codes, better luck next time! :(

*FREE CODES!* - John Tear's "On the Oche Darts" - *ZERO LEFT, SORRY!*

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Hey everyone! Mr. John Tear has very thoughtfully left us some free voucher codes for his new game "On the Oche Darts" normally worth $.99 at the app store! The Tap Dat App™ Team will be giving an honest review of his game very soon! But if you would like to try this game out yourself, here's what you gotta do to get one of the ZERO (Sorry, they're all gone! More possibly coming soon!) remaining voucher codes:

1. Make sure that somehow you are subscribed to/following our blog through Google Reader, Friend Connect, etc.
2. Post 5 Different Legit Comments on 5 Different Posts
3. Promise to tell 3 friends about our blog and promise to continue to visit frequently and be active on the blog.
4. Leave your email address in your comments so that we may send you a voucher code with instructions.

Good Luck Everyone! :D

*BREAKING NEWS!* - Rolando 1-3 & Pocket God Info. - *RECENTLY UPDATED!!*

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This just in! The developers of Rolando & Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid, ngmoco Inc., have announced that they will NOT be taking down the original Rolando game upon release of the sequel due to high demand by fans. Thus, we here at Tap Dat App™ personally apologize for the false notice. Please understand that we did originally report correctly, but ngmoco has just now changed their minds and retracted their previous statement. In other news, "Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid" is suspected to be released this Wednesday, July 1st! The Tap Dat App™ Team has officially decided to use some of our funds to purchase this game so that we may play around with it and then post a review here! We will start testing this game as soon as it is available and try to post the review as quick as possible while still making sure that we have played the game to a large enough extent that we may correctly critique it. ADDITIONALLY, we have submitted a request to ngmoco for one voucher code for their upcoming game, Rolando 2, so that we may throw some sort of contest and use this code as a prize. If they reply to us and send us a code, we will reveal more details about this "contest-sorta-thing" asap. And to clarify, the winner of it would be able to use this voucher code on iTunes in the "Redeem" section to download their own copy of "Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid" 100% free but still in all of its entirety. We'd also like to mention that ngmoco has announced that they will also be releasing a "Rolando 3" sometime this Novemeber. Oh and one last thing before we go, Bolt Creative, the developers of "Pocket God", have announced that the new "Episode/Update" for their game has already been submitted to Apple and is now just waiting for approval. As soon as the update is released, we will update our previous review of the game to fit the currently available version of the app. So Stay Tuned!

Tap Dat App™ Introductory Video - Now On YouTube!

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Now we will be reviewing the app called “Rolando” - Check It Out:

Rolando was developed by ngmoco, Inc. for the iPhone and iTouch. The game is beyond exquisite and probably one of the best out there honestly. The game artwork is fantastic! It has a simply “cute” charm to it that makes the game very appealing to players. The controls are super fun as you roll around and just have a blast as you pass through different levels. Lots of hard work was spent on this game and there are many secret levels and lots of bonus material that you can unlock as you make your way through this game. My only complaints are the price & difficulties. The game is currently set at $5.99, which is really a lot even for a great game like this. Also, certain levels in the game may become really frustrating and aggravating to some players and there really is no way to just skip and go back to it. And for the price you have to pay for this game, you should definitely be able to do so.

UPDATE: ngmoco, Inc. has just retracted their previous statement about taking down the original Rolando game due to high demand by fans. Therefore, please disregard the info below that starts and ends with "XX".

XX-Additonally, ngmoco is claiming that Rolando will be taken down to force the spotlight on the upcoming Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid (Out July 1st). So, if you plan on getting this game sometime soon, make that time now! – Before it’s too late! The developers do say that if Rolando is ever brought back to the app store, it will not have Plus+ Support, which is a cool interactive function for 3.0 Users.-XX

In conclusion, Rolando is a fantastically fun game that has a little bit of something for everyone, so I do recommend you get Rolando – 4 ½ Stars ☆☆☆.5

You can get Rolando today by clicking HERE!

Pocket God - 5 Stars

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The next app we are reviewing is “Pocket God” - Check It Out:

Pocket God was developed by Bolt Creative for the iPhone and iTouch. Pocket God is an insanely fun & addictive game that you will never be able to get enough of! In this game, you have six islanders or “pygmies” that you can name and slightly customize. They live on their island (currently 2 different islands are available) and there you can completely mess around with them in a battle of the fittest! There are several ways to interact with them through courses of weather, time of day, fishing, dinosaurs, ants, meteors, volcanic lava, etc. The game’s controls use almost every option out there for the iPhone and iTouch. There’s tilt for gravity, touch for interaction, swiping for push/throw, and much more. In someway, the game slightly resembles The Sims, for you can really just have a ball with these little pygmy dudes and try different things each time you play. BEST OF ALL: Pocket God is pretty much the only game I’ve ever heard of that guarantees new “episodes”. Episodes are new updates that the developers of Pocket God continue to put-out. There’s already been 19 of them and with each episode that comes out, the title for the next one is revealed. Each episode just adds more and more features to the game and the latest episode available at all times consists of all the previous episodes’ updates as well. For some awesome long-lasting and constantly updating fun that currently only costs $.99 - You Gotta Get Pocket God! - 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆

To buy Pocket God at the iTunes App Store, click HERE.

Kitten Cannon (Original) - 4 Stars

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The next app we will be reviewing is “Kitten Cannon (Original)” - Check It Out:

Kitten Cannon was developed by Hands-On Mobile for the iPhone and iTouch. Kitten Cannon was originally a flash arcade game that you can play on your computer here. The iPhone version of it is practically identical to the computer version – which is a good thing. The touch controls are really simple. All you have to do is touch the red arrows to adjust the cannon and then tap anywhere on the screen to launch the cat. If you tap the screen when the bar on the cannon is more red-ish, you will launch the cat farther. After this has been done, just sit back and laugh. The cat goes through a number of hysterical obstacles from TNT explosives to man-eating carnivorous plants. While the whole idea of the game is simple, it’s still a lot of fun and provides just as much easy & quick entertainment as the computer version does. If you’re looking for some simple fun & laughs for those moments of boredom worth $.99, I suggest you pick up Kitten Cannon (Original) - 4 Stars ☆☆☆

You can get Kitten Cannon (Original) from the iTunes App Store by clicking HERE.

Realmaze 3D - 5 Stars

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Hey everybody! So the first app we will be reviewing is "Reamaze 3D" - Check It Out:

Realmaze 3D was developed by Starscene Software for the iPhone and iTouch. In this app, you explore 3D mazes - going up/down ladders, leaving breadcrumbs, using your compass - trying to find "the light" which is how you exit the level. The environment is fantastic and quite realistic. There are several different decors to try-out, all of them being really top-notch. The game is 100% interactive with a pretty good set of controls. You might get frustrated with them every once & awhile when using the ladders or trying to turn, but you can also set tilt controls on instead of using the arrow buttons, which work pretty well too. There are 5 different maze sizes: Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, Insane. The sound effects are another really nice addition to this app. Honestly, you could just spend hours on end playing this one game. For a pretty reasonable price of $1.99 (and occasionally on sale for $.99) I definitely recommend you purchase Realmaze 3D - 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆

You can get Realmaze 3D in the iTunes App Store by clicking Here.

Welcome to Tap Dat App!™

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Hi! Welcome to Tap Dat App™! Here we will be constantly updating our blog with the latest & coolest applications available for the iPhone and iTouch! Reviews, Free Codes, Sneak Peeks, and much much MORE!! We'll always be here to give you the load-down. So next time, check here before you buy an app, because the truth will set you free...and and protect the money in your wallet.