*COMING SOON!* - More Giveaways & Reviews - STAY TUNED!!

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Hey everybody! We just wanted to let you know about some of the really cool things that will be coming to Tap Dat App™ very soon! So here's the load-down: 1. We've recently come in contact with Mr. Josh Michaels from Jetson Creative LLC. He has provided us with some free voucher codes to use in an upcoming giveaway! The promo-codes unlock the game "Ow My Balls!" for FREE!! As you may have noticed, we suddenly have been able to giveaway a lot of free app codes! We hope you appreciate the fact that we've been able to accomplish this and plan on continuing our constant giveaways, as we thank these app developers for all their support! =) 2. We will also be releasing a review for this app "Ow My Balls!" so be on the look-out! 3. As mentioned before, ngmoco, Inc.'s "Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid" is supposed to be released tomorrow, July 1st. If this is the truth, we will be purchasing it immediately and releasing a review for it soon as well. 4. More info. on ngmoco's other upcoming game, "Touch Pets: Dogs", which is actually building up a lot of hype. Well that's all for now! But once again we thank you for taking time to read our blog and continue to act as an active member of our community! :) And with all these awesome additions coming up, we're sure you will want to Stay Tuned for MORE!

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