Kitten Cannon (Original) - 4 Stars

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Kitten Cannon was developed by Hands-On Mobile for the iPhone and iTouch. Kitten Cannon was originally a flash arcade game that you can play on your computer here. The iPhone version of it is practically identical to the computer version – which is a good thing. The touch controls are really simple. All you have to do is touch the red arrows to adjust the cannon and then tap anywhere on the screen to launch the cat. If you tap the screen when the bar on the cannon is more red-ish, you will launch the cat farther. After this has been done, just sit back and laugh. The cat goes through a number of hysterical obstacles from TNT explosives to man-eating carnivorous plants. While the whole idea of the game is simple, it’s still a lot of fun and provides just as much easy & quick entertainment as the computer version does. If you’re looking for some simple fun & laughs for those moments of boredom worth $.99, I suggest you pick up Kitten Cannon (Original) - 4 Stars ☆☆☆

You can get Kitten Cannon (Original) from the iTunes App Store by clicking HERE.

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