Ngmoco:) OWNS Freeverse...LITERALLY

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Ngmoco:), creators of Eliminate, Touch Pets Dogs, the Rolando Series, & more have announced today that they recently acquired fellow app gaming company Freeverse, creators of Skee-Ball, Parachute Ninja, and more, for $25 million. That means Ngmoco:) has now invested $40.6 million into their company with these outside purchases, such as when they previously acquired Miraphonic, creators of Epic Pet Wars, in November of last year. Ngmoco:) has a lot in-store for the App Store, with upcoming life/town simulation games "GodFinger" & "WeRule", but what are they gonna do with Freeverse? Well it has been revealed that they will not be disturbing previous Freeverse games (other than adding Plus+ Network Support where needed) and they will also not mess with Freeverse's two upcoming planned games ("Warpgate" & "Zombie Cannon Carnage"), but future Freeverse games will now support the "freemium" or otherwise known as "free-to-play" model that Ngmoco:) recently took up with Eliminate & Touch Pets Dogs in order to profit off In-App Purchases instead of having their apps with a set price be massively pirated. Ngmoco:) says they will be releasing at least 20 new games this year, and expect Freeverse to release just as many. As a lot of us here at the TDA Team predicted very early on, it definitely seems like Ngmoco:) is becoming a big competitor on the App Store and is trying to totally dominant it in a way. What else is in store for Ngmoco:)'s Freeverse? What company will Ngmoco:) buy out next? Only time will tell...

*UPDATED*: Neil Young, the CEO of Ngmoco:) has now stated that they have also acquired the $.99 Plus+ Network Enabled Pictionary-Based Game "Charadium" by On5 and that they will be moving this game too to a "fremium" model. Charadium is honestly one of the most intuitive and fun games for the iPhone I've personally ever played, I don't think it needs an Update...Ever as it is practically PERFECT. And with Ngmoco:) changing it to a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, I can't imagine the gameplay experience being half as good anymore. This is actually very disappointing....But what will the actual changes to the game include? We will have to wait and see...

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