Appload™ #8 - Angry Birds, Charadium, Where To?, & MORE!!!

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Presenting: Tap Dat AppAppload #8

  • Angry Birds is a physics game where you launch birds with unique abilities at evil green pigs who stole their eggs. Not only is the art stunning, charming, and extremely well-done for this game (a lot like MUST.EAT.BIRDS.), the gameplay is highly addictive & immensely fun. Not to mention the fact that there is a giant overload of levels & content to keep challenging you and provide hours and hours of gameplay. - GET - **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal: $1.99**
  • Charadium is one of the best apps available on the app store, literally. With the Plus+ Network Enabled, it resembles classic pictionary games where you and other players online take turns drawing pictures based off given words and having the other players guess what word the person is drawing a picture of. For a concept so simple, this is game is so much fun, I've literally played it for 3 hours on end at a time. - GET for $.99
  • Where To? is an awesome app that helps you find cool places near you. Whether you're looking for an arcade, a movie theater, a restaurant, or something else, this app lists them all! The best part of this app is obviously the User Interface. It was designed geniusly with a wheel that includes different icons for the different types of attractions you might be looking for. As you press one, the button lights up a stunning blue and redirects you to an even more specific category list, which will then take you to a GPS-based interface marked with all the attractions you are looking for. This app is very useful for travel or if you just want to discover some place new near you! Special Thanks to the Devs, FutureTap, for providing us with a promo code to review the app. - GET for $2.99
  • SteamPunk Hockey is a really cool new take on Air Hockey designed with an elegant & fancy looking theme that makes the game a real treat to play. The game also adds a cool new element to the Air Hockey concept, which is obstacles! This makes SteamPunk Hockey basically an awesome combination of both Air Hockey & Pinball. - GET for FREE
  • Smosh iShutUp is an app designed by comedic geniuses and 3rd Most Subscribed to on YouTube of All Time: Smosh. The app was featured in one of their videos and was originally on available on the Android Market. It only does one thing: and that is to scream their catch-phrase/slogan "SHUT UP!" whenever you utter a sound into the mic but if you think about it, an app like that could really come in handy sometimes. If you are a fan of Smosh's videos: GET for $.99
  • Dark Nebula is a very unique game where you tilt your device to control a futuristic ball device and avoid laser-like obstacles and go through some cool courses. It's hard to explain, but really awesome when you play it. The look & feel of the game perfectly fits the gameplay and everything is just executed really well in general. - GET for $.99
  • Lavaball is a game where you control a burning ball of fire that must have its vengeance on the villagers of the land. The 3D graphics are awesome and in a way the game kinda reminds me of a better-looking Pocket God, but the tilt controls are horrible and the game is really hard to progress through because of this. That being said, the game still has potential, and might improve after a few updates or so. - FORGET for FREE

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