Appload™ #3 - I Am T-Pain, {TFLN}, Swine Flu Scanner, & MORE!!!

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What's up everyone? Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope it's all going good where you're at; we got a couple people out sick but other than that it is all good! So let's get it started, here's your Appload™ #3 from Tap Dat App™:

  • Touch Web is a full-screen landscape web browser. The options and maneuver controls are not the best, but it is still nice to give it a go while it is FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
  • Quicky Web Browser is the new Safari. The TEAM has been using this constantly for over a week now. It is really fast because it doesn't save as much RAM onto your iPhone/iTouch each time you use it and offers so many great features like Lock Rotation, Optional Full Screen Browsing, Quick Homepage Access, Offline Bookmark Browsing, etc.! GET for $.99
  • Mr.AaH!! is an awesome new game where your little stick character swings like Spider-Man onto little podium-like-stands. The concept is simple and the game is done very well. Try out the Lite Version and then go ahead and GET the full one for just $.99
  • Pheasant Hunt 3D is a unique hunting game on sale for $.99. It has pretty nice graphics but some awkward controls no matter which option you pick, they don't move with you very well. It's fun to explore around the farm, but the challenges really don't leave you coming back for more. So check it out, but we don't highly recommend it...FORGET
  • {TFLN}: Texts From Last Night is a site much like FML, just a lot raunchier. They have an app out now for the site and it works pretty nicely. With the recently updated Version 1.1, there a lot of good bonus features like posting to Facebook or Twitter, etc. If you enjoy the site, GET it for $.99
  • Swine Flu Scanner is the ONLY novelty (prank) app we have ever bought. Like most people, we tend to think these types of apps are stupid. But this one is just freakin awesome! You can secretly control to what extent you want your friend's swine flu results to be and the animation of the scan is awesome! Once they become terrified, direct them over to "Dr. Ham Funk" who will say something funny and then let you try one of 3 experimental cures that will have you splitting sides! For a genuine good laugh and conversation starter, pick this up (GET) for $.99
  • Last but not least, one of our favorite apps in a long long time...I Am T-Pain. Created by the rap star himself and the premium app developers at Smule, plug in your headphones and speak into the mic to get that awesome Auto-Tune effect that TONS of artists are using now-a-days. You can even sing a bad note, and all you will hear is an awesome voice echo change that makes you literally sound like a recording artist! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL: It comes preloaded with some of T-Pain hits that you can use as background music while you sing-a-long to the lyrics on screen. There are also In-App Purchases available so you can get even more T-Pain songs for your app, with more on the way as well. This app is really cool. SERIOUSLY, to get Auto-Tune downloaded on a regular computer, you would have to pay over $100!!! But I Am T-Pain is only $2.99 and we really do think that's a steal. You will have a lot of fun with this app and it's bound to be a hit at parties. Not to mention it is an amazing way for T-Pain to advertise himself and for all his fans to support him. GET!
Well folks, congratulations.You just received your weekly Appload™. We got some more awesome stuff including really fun contests coming up so make sure you don't go anywhere! Remember to spread the word, Tap Dat App™ is taking off!

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