Tap Dat App's™ BRAND NEW Design!

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Hey! Guess what everyone? If you haven't already noticed (which would be pretty much impossible...) Tap Dat App has a brand new custom template & theme to help enhance your visiting experience! It took all day to get the codes exactly right and tweak certain parts of it to make it perfectly fit in with our online environment, but now it is finally up, running, and ready to go! We find that the new layout will help people take us more seriously & professionally and helps people understand what our blog is about almost instantly.

From everyone here at the Tap Dat App™ Team, we hope you reall enjoy the new look & feel of the blog and as always, thank you for being a part of our special community, without your continuing support we would be nowhere. We are happy to announce that at this rate, we are rapidly heading on our way to becoming a real domain with an interactive forum service. So keep on checking back and spreading the word to help this goal become a reality! Don't forget that you can now follow us on all of your favorite social-networking sites: Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter.

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