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Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay between posts, the Tap Dat App™ Team has been on vacation. But now we are back! To help keep things running fast & smooth: we are going to start writing more segments called "Apploads™". These sections will be able to talk about more than one app in one post while still giving enough critique so that you can tell if the app is right for you or not. We have a lot to cover today, SO LET'S GET STARTED!

  • We recently download "Nano Rally" and were very disappointed with what it had to deliver. This game truly has a great concept where you drive around in a tiny car amongst giant objects in different rooms of a house. Unfortunately, the controls (having both tilt & arrows available) are just AWFUL. I became very frustrated with this game, which doesn't even have real live multiplayer racing, so honestly we give this one a "FORGET" until further updates...
  • Next on the review line is "Helium Voice". The creators were thoughtful enough to supply us with a free copy of the app, thus we had no reason not to try it out! If you're a kid, you'll love this thing. Plug in some headphones and use your mic to listen to your distorted chipmunk voice as you speak! It's basically "Fred: COME ALIVE!" Therefore, we are labeling this app: "GET"
  • "ShapeShape" is another game that's been getting a lot of publicity lately. We downloaded it and have pretty mixed reviews when it comes to the game. It has been updated frequently lately and some nice 3.0 features have been added but as for basic gameplay, I find ShapeShape lacks substance. It's a concept that for me, just doesn't have enough to keep me playing. You should check it out and read the info for yourself, but in real game critique, this lies under the category of "FORGET"
  • We also fianlly got "Doodle Jump" and I've pretty much fallen addicted to it. It's not rocket science, but it's still an easily lovable concept that keeps you tapping away at it! Not much else to say but the fact that it is definitely a good quality-made game, "GET"
  • "I Dig It" has leaped to Number 2 on the Top Paid Apps recently and it's no wonder why! The game rocks! If you've ever played "Motherload" on sites like MiniClip, you will without a doubt like this app! It's nicely detailed and has a REVOLUTIONARY droid-stick like control pad! Updates are continuing to happen and the game's great when you're bored or wanna play a serious app and make some high scores! "GET"
  • "MiniGore" is a recently released 3D action game with some really cool control droid-sticks and great graphics. The game has had hype and suspense around it since May and pretty much lives up to expectations. The only disappointment is that there is no storymode yet. New episodes/updates will be released regularly so there is definitely more to come. But currently, with only one "episode", the game is just a "shoot to get your high score" type-of scenario with no real obstacles or objectives besides that. Still, the game is pretty impressive and is sure to grow to even more than it already is, without a doubt I recommend you snag it while it's only $.99! "GET"
  • Another fun little app is "Balloonimals", the creators lent us a free copy of the app and we were thrilled to try it out! You blow into the mic and twist your phone around to create tons of 3D Balloon Animals! Great if you have children for it will really amaze & entertain them! If you have kids, "GET" this app!
  • We were also given a code for "Inhale Here" graciously and although it has the same concept as "Helium Voice" the app is still a little different. You talk in and then your 30 second clip is played back to you in a chipmunk-like voice afterwards. Not as responsive or interactive as the other title, so we give it a "POSSIBLE" rating.
Thank you so much for reading our blog and thanks once again to all the developers who are so kind as to let us test out their apps for free! Stay tunes for more Apploads™ ONLY on Tap Dat App™!

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