On the Oche Darts - 4 Stars *READ BELOW for FREE COPY!*

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The next app to be reviewed is John Tear’s “On the Oche Darts” - Check It Out:

On the Oche Darts was developed by John Tear & MarraBoy.com (coming soon) for the iPhone and iTouch. This game is an intuitive twist on the classic game of darts. Using a unique and fun set of controls, you are able to throw darts at a board against a computer opponent. You start out with 501 points and the objective of the game is to get to 0. The first player that does WINS! The game’s graphics are also very appealing and stylish, making the game fun and enjoyable to play. We also really got a kick out of the entertaining and joyful music that plays in the background on the title menu. My ONLY complaint is the lack of multiplayer support, for even a 2-player mode for people on the SAME iPhone would be fine! But again, no such multiplayer options can currently be found. Besides this one point, the game is a whole bunch of fun and for some quick $.99 fun, I definitely recommend On the Oche Darts – 4 Stars ☆☆☆

- Also, Mr. Tear wanted me to add that an update for this game with some cool new features has just been submitted to Apple and is now awaiting approval. When it is released, we will be sure to update this review to fit the new criteria! =)

To download On the Oche Darts, just click right HERE!

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-Sorry all out of codes, better luck next time! :(

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Anonymous Says :
July 5, 2009 at 9:55 PM

Man, I really wanted one of those codes! I'll probably get the application anyway; the game sounds addicting!

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