Welcome to the New Official "iTapDatApp.com"!

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     Hello Everyone! Today we have a Big Announcement to Make...If you haven't already noticed, Tap Dat App™ is no longer located at http://TapDatApp.BlogSpot.com/ but instead is now its own real professional domain, http://www.iTapDatApp.com/. We really enjoyed this 6 month test run period and thus, have decided to take TDA to the Next Level! But having our own domain means more than just a different link to visit (which btw, if you still type in TapDatApp.BlogSpot.com you will now automatically be redirected to iTapDatApp.com, so no worries), it means that our Developing Production & Dev Team can now integrate the usage of Google Apps, hire online staff, hold meetings, set calendar dates, and just in total, run things more business-like, promising to make your experience here at Tap Dat App™ even better than ever before! 

So with that, if you would like to write for TDA, design for TDA, or help out in some other way and join the Tap Dat App™ Team, Drop our CEO Alex a line at TapDatApp@Gmail.com.

Thanks to All of Our Fans who Have Supported the Blog & Helped Us Get This Far. So Spread the News Cause We're In It to Win It!

Welcome to www.iTapDatApp.com

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