Appload™ #5 - Tap Tap Revenge 3, Shrek Kart, Skee-Ball, & MORE!!!

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Sorry for the minor delay between Apploadseverybody but earlier we did post an Exclusive Look at Ngmoco's two new Blockbuster apps, so we hope you can forgive us ^^ Anyways, here's y'all's Appload™ #5 with a New Appload™ Logo!

  • Tap Tap Revenge 3 was recently released and takes a bit of a spin on the insanely popular series. For one, it isn't free unlike the two previous Tap Tap games, but it also has a lot of things the other two didn't. You can make an account, gain coins for points you score, use those coins to buy backgrounds and various clothing for your account's avatar, etc. The game also includes a really nice menu & layout that is totally fresh to the series. Unfortunately, not much gameplay or theme-wise has changed about the game. Not to mention the fact that even though you already paid $.99 to get the app in the first place, you still have to purchase some songs through DLC artist packs. There is at least 1 new free song almost every Thursday so this does make up for it slightly and there are (I believe) over 100 free songs to download from the start, although more than half of them aren't anything that great...Still, if you want to stay updated with the Tap Tap Revenge series and don't feel like paying $9.99 for EA's Rock Band app - GET
  • Scarecrow is a really fun new game by - The object of it is to 'Touch the screen to trigger an explosive and send Scarecrow skyward. Keep moving up by collecting corn and avoid the baddies by tilting your device left and right to steer'. This concept is pretty original and a lot of fun! Besides the fact that it is Plus+ Network enabled, there is not much else we can say about this game besides the fact that it is only $.99 and that you can try out the Lite version first to see if you like it or not - GET
  • Shrek Kart is Gameloft's spin on the popular Shrek franchise through Go-Karts galore! It's easy to say that Shrek Kart is a lot like the Mario Kart series in many aspects. The graphics (even on just iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2nd Generation) are superb, the gameplay is fun although most of the power-ups and other small feature additions are repetitive and simplistic, and the character & stage choices are unlockable and variate (although we found most of the stages to lack a sense of good challenge, they are nicely detailed with art that is pleasurable to look at). Shrek Kart also has WiFi & Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer Races as an option, but no Global Online Racing option to be found. Overall, the game runs quite smoothly and provides hours of fun although it may eventually get boring or annoying due to the Menu Soundtrack...GET - **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal: $4.99**
  • Flying Pigs by Sobits is a great game for the iPhone & iPod Touch where you control a UFO and tilt your iDevice trying to avoid running into miscellaneous obstacles such as flying pigs that can cost you the loss of a life. The longer you stay in the air, the higher you score. It's a fantastic pick-up-&-play app and we definitely recommend it! We've spoken to the developers quite a few times now through Twitter and we even won a $20 iTunes Giftcard from them by being the first to score 2000 points on the game! Their prize helps us make all our app purchases possible, meaning we are able to get more premium apps to review so that you can stay even more in-the-know on the latest & greatest applications available for the iPhone/iTouch! Please give back by simply following the developers' Twitter account at @Sobits - GET for Only $.99
  • Skee-Ball by Freeverse is a great version of the popular Bowling game commonly played at Arcades. With charming 3D graphics, great physics, special scoring & ticket earning system, and Plus+ Network enabled Leaderboards, this game is simply a must have that you will be playing non-stop - GET for Only $.99
  • Aqua Globs is a game much like Flight Control, Harbor Master, and the Bait Master Mini-Game playable through Pocket God but with water blob-like creatures! You draw lines to connect globs, make them bigger & disappear, and avoid ones of opposing colors to cross paths. The game has been updated quite a few times now with multiple maps & various other 'aqua globs' added. It's not our favorite type of game, but you may like it - Take A BET for **Current Sale: $.99 - Normal $1.99** OR DON'T.
  • Ant Hill is a game we've been playing for awhile but just recently remembered that we had yet to review. In this game, you destroy ants...almost anyway you want! With constant updates/episodes like Pocket God, many new features and various ways to kill ants have been added like flamethrower, freeze ray, lasers, magnifying glass, and more! There are lots of other aspects you can control in Ant Hill such as how many ants are on the screen, how many of each color there are (red and black), and how aggressive the ants are. It's pretty funny and enjoyable to play so - GET for Only $.99
And that my friends is Appload™ #5, we hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to follow the TDA Team on Twitter at @TapDatApp for instant updates frequently throughout each week!

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